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Featured Hardware

  • Create-a-Skyline

    , , From: $215.00

    Design your own AV Lyfe Skyline! Choose your own color combos, tube series and button designs! Use the photos for reference!

  • AV Lyfe Button

    , , , $30.00

    *Bud Tattoo Button is no longer available*

    AV Replacement Button ( Formerly Ameravape )


    -New AV Lyfe Design

    -Limited Edition Bud Tattoo Design

    -Fits Manhattan, Skyline, and Apollo Mods

  • The Dark Horse RDA by Steam Angel

    , $85.00

    The Dark Horse RDA by Steam Angel


    * 22mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    * 16 Preset Airflow Options with Stock AFC Ring
    * 12 Dual Coil Configurations
    * 4 Single Coil Configurations
    * 3mm Stainless Steel Contact Screws
    * Gold Plated Flattened Positive Post Design to Prevent Spinning
    * Square Negative Posts Milled Into the Deck
    * 2.7mm Post Holes for Extreme Cloud Chasers
    * Adjustable Gold Plated Positive Contact Pin
    * Black Nylon Steam Angel MONSTER Drip Tip
    * Nylon Heat Resistant Adaptor and Steam Angel SWB (Super Wide Bore) SS Drip Tip
    * Superior Heat Resistant Nylon
    * Melting Point of Nylon: approx. 260°C or approx. 500°F
    * Melting Point of Delrin: approx. 175°C or approx. 347°F
    * Nylon offers smooth matte finish compared to shiny Delrin finish
    * Serialized
    * One Limited Year Product Warranty provided by Steam Angel Technology

  • Doge V2 by Congrevape

    , $55.00

    Doge V2 by Congrevape

    Key Features

    * Air injection cools vapor and increases expansion inside the tip
    * Slimmed down 14mm competition tip
    * Barrel is same winning 11mm x 2.5mm air intake slots, that are fully adjustable
    * Cap features single airflow option like previous caps
    * 3mm post holes vs 1.8mm
    * M3 Screws, in both Copper and SS included
    * Large deep flat head screws to prevent stripping
    * Keyed centerpost, that will not spin, both in SS and Copper
    * 5 times larger insulator
    * 1mm deeper juice well
    * V3 Top cap fits on V1 Doge
    * Three piece peek insulator